How to help dairy farmers cover costs

Cows in Canada are fed milk produced at a ranch owned by a major dairy farm, but it’s not enough for them to feed themselves.

They need to get a few more pounds of meat to eat.

And as part of that, they need to make sure the cow they feed is healthy.

That’s where Wisconsin dairy farmer Steve Williams comes in.

Williams, who lives near the town of Kalkaska, Iowa, has a herd of 200 cows, including the calves that were born last month.

Williams’ ranch is a large farm and it uses a combination of grazing and production.

The cows graze on land that was once an animal pasture, and he has cows on pasture on top of that.

“We just have about 200 cows,” Williams said.

“We have about three hundred that we feed, and that’s it.

We feed about two to three times a day.”

Williams said it’s hard to feed them all on pasture because it’s a bit of a labor-intensive process.

And it’s also expensive.

The milk he feeds the cows costs about $100 to $150 per cow.

Williams is working to make that happen, but that takes a lot of work.

He’s started a new company to buy his cattle, but he says it’s tough to raise the money.

“The whole idea is we’re trying to help the dairy farmers out,” Williams told CBS News.

“If you’re a dairy farmer and you’re trying for a good product, you’re going to have a hard time making it work.”

That’s why Williams started a fundraising campaign, raising $2,500 to purchase his cows.

That means he can buy his own cattle instead of using the beef and dairy industry.

But he said if he were to buy cattle from a private producer, he would have to pay a premium.

“It would be an outrageous premium,” he said.

“I mean it’s crazy how expensive it is to buy beef from the dairy industry,” Williams added.

Williams also wants to help other dairy farmers who are struggling.

He said he knows some dairy farmers in his area have been struggling with high milk prices.

He is raising money to help those dairy farmers, too.

“That’s what we’re doing, we’re going through the process to make it happen so we can get those cattle back to where they need them,” Williams explained.

But it’s going to be a tough road.

Williams has already raised about $3,500 for his project.

He has a lot more work to do, but with a new venture called Food Bank Iowa, he hopes to raise more money to continue his efforts.