Rosewood Dairy bar closes for lack of patrons

Rosewood, Ill.

(AP) A Rosewood dairy chain is closing for lack.

The Rosewood Creamery and Cheese in Rosewood is closing its doors for the season.

It was owned by Dairy Queen.

It is a family owned company and it has had some big wins over the years.

Rosewood Creameries owner and CEO Joe Boggs said the family decided to shut down the Rosewood store after years of trying to grow.

Rosewood has about 40 employees and the business has a presence in a lot of different parts of the state, he said.

Rosefield Dairy in North Roseville closed in September and was a family-owned business.

The family is also in the process of shutting down their own dairy in Roseville.

They opened a Roseville dairy in the mid-1990s.