What’s next for Mauricio Pochettino?

A new contract with Mauricio ‘Paco’ Pochettio could be in sight at Tottenham Hotspur.

The Argentine manager, who took over at White Hart Lane in 2015, has not commented publicly on his future, but the Argentine media has already been buzzing with speculation.

According to The Sun, Mauricio is looking to extend his contract until the end of 2021, which would make him the highest-paid manager in European football.

That would mean he is already in line to earn around €1.7m a year, well ahead of Real Madrid’s Zinedine Zidane and Barcelona’s Tito Vilanova.

That would be enough to get Mauricio into the Champions League this season, but there are still a number of hurdles that must be cleared before he would be allowed to leave.

First, Pochettico would have to sign a new contract in order to be able to leave in the summer.

Tottenham would have a choice between the player they want to sign, and a cheaper option, as they can only negotiate a new deal once they have secured the player.

The player would then be offered a fresh one at the start of the next season.

Second, Spurs would have the option of paying the player a salary above the wage structure that is in place at the club.

This is not possible, as Pochetto is currently making around €150,000 a week.

The second hurdle would be the player’s position in the squad.

Pochetti will have to find a replacement for Gareth Bale and will have an option of bringing in another central midfielder, but that would not be an option for a new signing.

If Pochettío decides to stay, the club will have a problem.

There are no high-profile names on the books at Tottenham, with only Paulinho and Andre Villas-Boas in the team.

The new deal for Pochettiano could also come into play if Tottenham want to buy a player, with the player having to be sold.

With no marquee signings in the pipeline, there is a chance of the club being forced to sell their best players in the short term, even if they do not want to.

If a deal is agreed, Tottenham could be looking to sign one of the likes of Diego Costa, who would have been a free agent this summer.

However, that is not in the cards.

If Spurs do not sign a player this summer, they would have until March 2019 to secure a replacement.

That is still a few months away, but they are already looking at the likes.