A dairy burger made from a cow’s stomach

Dairy burger lovers are not the only ones enjoying the new dairy burger.

A new burger made out of a cow has been launched by the dairy industry and it has a new name: Dairy Burger.

The new burger is the latest addition to the Dairy Burger line of vegan burgers that are created from cows’ stomachs.

The product, which is available in the United States and Canada, is the third vegan burger to launch in just the last two weeks.

The Dairy Burger, as it is called in the product description, is made from cows stomachs and is the first vegan burger ever to be marketed using dairy.

The cow burger is being made by dairy farmer, Jeff Smith, and was named Dairy Burger because it was originally created to be a cow burger.

Smith has been working to produce a more humane product for more than a decade.

He said the meat was raised in a cow pen in the Midwest and the cows are raised to be beef animals.

Smith is a member of the International Dairy Council (IDC), a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the welfare of dairy animals.

He was also involved in a recent successful Kickstarter campaign to raise money to purchase a dairy farm.

The goal of the campaign was to raise $25,000 to purchase an 80,000-square-foot dairy farm, which will allow for dairy production at a facility that can handle the product.

According to the dairy burger’s description, Smith created the product after he noticed that the meat used in dairy burgers is often very heavy.

The vegan burger is made of ground beef that is heated in a food processor to create the burger, and then is heated with water to make the toppings.

The ingredients are then wrapped in a paper towel to create a sandwich.

The veggie burger is filled with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, lettuce sprouts, mayonnaise, pickles, and pickled veggies.

Smith said the veggie burgers are made with ingredients that are grown on farms where cows are allowed to graze and are not sold for human consumption.

He added that the veg burger is a healthier alternative to beef burger because it is vegan and not based on antibiotics.

He also said that the vegan burger can be made with any kind of meat, and that it is not necessary to cut the meat down to a size smaller than a golf ball.

“We’ve seen a lot of vegan products in the last couple of years and there’s a lot to like about them.

I’m happy to be able to provide something that can satisfy people with the same type of flavor and texture,” he said.

The company is also hoping to sell the vegg burger at farmers markets in the future.

Smith believes that the more people are able to enjoy the new vegan burger, the more meat producers will be able get their products in grocery stores.

“When people start talking about food in general, I think they’re going to want to try the food,” he told ABC News.

“I want people to try it, to see what it’s like to eat meat and dairy, and hopefully, they’ll want to get a veggie and try it.”

The Dairy Board of Canada (DCC), which oversees the Canada dairy industry, says that the industry has seen a 10 percent drop in greenhouse gas emissions from the dairy sector over the past year.

The DCC also notes that Canada has a strong dairy sector, and said the dairy farmers have proven that they can produce the product with quality.

“As a result, dairy is now the second-largest source of protein in the country,” the DCC said.