Is America a Dairy-Free Nation?

Dairy farmers in the U.S. are still the most heavily dependent on imports, according to a report released Tuesday by the National Dairy Council.

The report said the U and Canada’s dairy exports were down nearly 6 percent in 2016, with imports up only 1 percent.

The U.K., Germany and France all had increases.

That’s partly because dairy farmers in these countries have had to work harder to survive in the wake of climate change, which has pushed up milk prices and increased costs for their products.

As the U, the U of A., the European Union and other countries fight to curb climate change and protect the global supply chains, some U.s. dairy farmers are facing higher prices and more competition.

The latest in food and drink news for September 2016

A new breed of milk has hit the market in Australia, as Australia’s dairy industry looks to take advantage of the trend of almond-based products.

The almond milk company Rosewood Dairy announced on Tuesday that it would begin selling almond milk in Australia on September 3, and will be able to sell its almond milk for $1.99 a litre.

Rosewood’s CEO, Chris Burnett, told ABC News Breakfast that his company will be looking to expand its product offerings in the near future.

“The trend is that the consumer is looking for almond milk as the new milk of choice,” Burnett said.

“We want to make sure we are not making people feel like they have to buy almond milk to drink, because they can drink our milk at home.”

The company also launched a range of almond milk flavors for sale, including chocolate, vanilla and cinnamon.

RoseWood has already launched two almond milk bars in Australia.

In a statement to ABC News, the company said that it was “delighted” to be able offer the milk in this form, and noted that it will be selling it for $0.99 per litre across all its retail stores and online stores.

Burnett said Rosewood had not started sourcing almond milk from other regions, and was focusing on the UK, Canada, South Africa and the US.

The new milk will be sold at Rosewood stores across Australia, with the Rosewood website stating that the company is looking to sell almond milk products at a later date.