What happens when the farm dairy industry is put out to pasture?

RTE has obtained a copy of the letter from the Dairy Queen Dairy Co. to its farmers, confirming that the chain will be abandoning the cow-free dairy industry by 2020.

In its letter, the Dairy King confirms that it is moving from its “cow-free” policy in the spring of 2020 and will only be sourcing beef from “certified” producers.

In February, the company announced plans to replace the cow milk with chicken, and dairy farmers were left with a stark choice.

They either continue to supply their animals with the same milk they do now, or they will stop buying milk from certified farmers.

Dairy Queen said that it will continue to buy cow milk from dairy producers that meet the standards it has adopted, such as the Canadian Association of Dairy Producers.

Dairys claim that the dairy industry needs to change in order to “protect our environment, our climate, our health and our farmers”.

Dairy King has previously stated that it has more than 400,000 dairy farmers, including more than 100,000 in the UK.

Dairey, the largest dairy farm in the world, said that the move is necessary in order for its farm to stay relevant and grow.

The move follows an earlier decision by the company to discontinue its “dairy-free zone” in New York City and to move its dairy farm from the city to a new facility in the city’s suburbs.

This follows a similar move by the same company in 2015, which saw it move its farms from the UK to New Jersey.

The decision to switch its farm from a dairy-free policy to a chicken-free environment comes as a result of the dairy chain’s ongoing global expansion plans.

Daijin’s plans to make its dairy farms a global powerhouse have seen the company invest in new dairy plants in China, the US and Mexico.

Last year, Dairys plans to invest over $5 billion in the dairy sector, which is expected to bring about an additional 100,00 jobs to the UK, and has been said to be worth an estimated £60 billion to the country.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The move to beef-free is a very big step forward for our industry.

We want to make sure that our animals are fed the best, freshest, best-quality, best quality meat available.

We have an extremely high standard of animal welfare, and the beef-based diet is the safest, most sustainable way of eating animals.”

This is a key reason why we continue to make it our priority to grow our business.