Which dairy products are safe to consume?

Dairy products that come from cows that have not been fed antibiotics or growth hormones are safe, according to a report published Wednesday by the European Food Safety Authority.

The EFSA has also launched a new investigation into the safety of some dairy products, including milk and yogurt, after they were found to be contaminated with traces of penicillin, an antibiotic that can cause serious disease.

A dairy product that was produced from a cow that had been given antibiotics could have been contaminated by penicillins, according the EFSB, which has responsibility for the EU’s food safety legislation.

The report says that if a cow has not been vaccinated against penicilins, the milk it produces should be free of the disease-causing bacteria.

It also found that milk produced from dairy cows that were fed antibiotics could not be considered as safe.

The EFA also said it is investigating the possible use of antibiotics in milk products.

The findings came as part of a joint EU-US investigation into milk contamination in EU markets.