Why do we eat more junk food? Experts explain

Experts at Fox News have weighed in on the topic of junk food consumption, with one suggesting we should cut down on the “stuff” we eat, and the other suggesting we need to “think of the kids.”

Fox’s Laura Ingraham asked if we should “think about the kids” while also questioning the food choice of people who do not consume junk food.

She suggested that the people who are in denial about their junk food habits could actually be helping children, as their “food choices may be too much.”

Ingraham said, “We have to ask ourselves, are we putting our children in danger?

I think we should think about the children, and think about what we are putting into our childrens’ mouths.”

Ingraham then took a look at the current obesity epidemic, saying that obesity is a “growing issue.”

She suggested it is not just a problem in America, but that it is a problem that is impacting the world as well.

Ingraham said it was time for the government to take a look in the mirror and start taking responsibility for the situation that is plaguing the American people.

“We are a nation of very small minds,” she said.

“We are going to be in this position in 10, 20 years that we can’t look in a mirror and say, ‘Is this what we want to be doing?’

We need to start saying, ‘Can we change that?

What can we do?'”

Watch the segment below via Fox News: